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The destination for spa treatments? Abano Montegrotto Terme

Where time seems to slow down

From mud bath therapy to inhalations to combat respiratory diseases, to beauty treatments, everything that comes from the Euganean thermal waters is a gift that we share with our guests, to help them discover a new sense of relaxation. Every moment spent here crystallizes, transforming into a state of physical and mental harmony you have never experienced. We will be more than happy to book the treatments you prefer.

The mud of Abano Montegrotto Terme

Considered a real patented natural remedy, the mud, left to mature in contact with Euganean salso-bromo-iodic water, is exceptional for treating arthrosis, rheumatism, inflammation and other pathologies involving muscles, bones, joints and skin. In addition, the Olympia mud therapy division has an agreement with the Italian national health system.

Cure termali ad Abano Terme | Thermal Hotel Olympia
Massage therapy and rehabilitation courses

Our hotel employs a thermal spa doctor and a professional in-house physiotherapist as well as expert massage therapists. Anyone who has suffered from trauma to muscles, bones, tendons and cartilage, or who feels fatigued and in need of psycho/physical and energy recovery, can rely on the competence of our specialized team.

Hotel con spa in Montegrotto Terme | Terme Olympia
Breathe: the essence of feeling good

In our hotel, thanks to the inhalers, aerosols and nebulizers, you can expel the pathogens that strike the respiratory tract. These treatments help prevent the recurrence of infections such as colds, rhinitis, bronchitis, ear infections, pneumonia and pharyngitis; a vital aid to counteract the symptoms of annoying seasonal allergies.

And then there are the alternative treatments

Homeopathic therapies, associated with food supplementation and neuro-emotional rebalancing, allow you to achieve rapid and evident results as well as restore an optimal psycho/physical condition. Thanks to the Natural Thermal Hotel Olympia, your stay in Abano Montegrotto is enhanced with new opportunities to regain vibrant health.

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