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Thermal Hotel Olympia a Montegrotto Terme

Our 4-star hotel, a stone's throw from Abano Terme

Quality, health, beauty and comfort

Like stars visible to the naked eye. This is how the four key elements that make up the philosophy of our hotel, dating from 1992, can be defined. Thirty years later, while these "guiding stars" have remained unchanged, the name of the Albertin family structure has undergone a change. We present a concept with the synergy of vitality and natural balance you will find here, thanks to the thermal spa and wellness treatments. So now, Hotel Terme Olympia has become Natural Thermal Hotel Olympia.


Our goal is to offer the best to our guests through constant improvement of all our services. Leaving a positive memory in the hearts of those who entrust us with their free time and their health is a source of satisfaction and pride for us.

Natural Thermal Hotel Olympia ad Abano Terme

Abano and Montegrotto are blessed with a gift of inestimable value from nature. Our therapies are based on water and hyperthermal mud, but also homeopathic remedies, the physiotherapy department and cuisine based on a proper, balanced diet, to restore the vitality of your best days.

Fango terapia a Montegrotto Terme | Thermal Hotel Olympia

Our concept of beauty is all-encompassing, going beyond aesthetics. The first step to gaining greater awareness and self-esteem is to feel good inside. In our wellness centre, we combine the best of beauty treatments with attention to every guest's emotional well-being.

Cure termali ad Abano Terme | Terme Olympia

Our rooms and junior suites are the ideal blend of comfort, tranquillity and privacy for your holiday. However, we always want you to feel at ease and surrounded by an atmosphere of serenity, which is why we are at your complete disposal whenever you need us.

Natural Thermal Hotel Olympia ad Abano Terme