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Hotel con spa in Montegrotto Terme | Terme Olympia

Your spa near Abano Terme

A magnificent source of vitality

We all know that water is a precious commodity, but did you know that it is also a source of health and wellbeing? From the Lessini Mountains in the Prealps, the thermal water - used for the various treatments and in the indoor and outdoor swimming pools - makes a ten-year journey before reaching the Euganean reservoir and gushing to the surface at a temperature close to 90° C. In this long journey, it is "enriched" with minerals and active ingredients that make it the elixir of health that we all know.

Thermal Spa Ninfea a Montegrotto Terme
A full immersion in pleasure

A journey of discovery, of rebirth, awaits you here, at the Natural Thermal Hotel Olympia, the home of thermal treatments in Abano Montegrotto, a land of beauty and a renowned wellness destination since ancient times.

Thermal Treatments
Hotel con spa in Montegrotto Terme | Terme Olympia
The place to be

The atmosphere of enveloping serenity helps to banish all your cares and disconnect from the outside world. The treatments performed with manual skills by our wellness professionals offer a feeling of total relaxation.

Wellness centre
Hotel con spa in Abano Terme | Terme Olympia